counselling • life coaching • seminars & workshops

• take place in comfortable environments
• improve self image
• teach how to make relationships stronger
• are in open group settings, not classrooms
• demonstrate and encourage as much fun and laughter as possible
• are conducted with utmost professionalism

See our Events page for a list of what's currently available; or contact us to schedule a dedicated seminar / workshop for your church group or business.

Life coaching adds another dimension, as it is a future-focused practice with the aim of helping you determine and achieve your personal goals. While its roots are from management consulting and leadership training, life coaching also draws from sociology, psychology, traditional medicine, weight loss coaching, career counselling, motivational coaching, personal development, marriage and relationship counselling, conflict coaching, financial coaching, mentoring, and many other systems.

When you put counselling and life coaching together, nothing begins or ends with a single problem, event, or aspect of life. Together we'll explore all aspects of your life, including:

• fun and recreation
• physical environment
• health and energy
• career
• personal development
• relationships
• romance
• financial situation
• faith / spiritual life

This gives you an opportunity to self-reflect and set goals for a happier future. During this process we do not focus at length on examining your past, but different than most life coaches we may employ a number of techniques to clean up personal history and remove psychological and spiritual blocks. This helps create effective changes in your current and future behavior, thus enabling you to reach your desired goals.

Life-changing Live Events

Are we a good fit for you? Whether you have questions, comments, want to schedule your first appointments, or to sign up for / arrange a seminar or workshop, we want to hear from you! You can contact us here.

Counselling – past through present

When you think of "counselling" you probably think about going to talk to someone about your problems, which are often based in some form of trauma in the past or present. While this is true in part, quality counselling offers much more. With quality counselling, you can:

• get new perspectives on yourself
• understand why you behave as you do
• analyze and address emotional pain
• express your feelings and identify thought patterns behind them
• understand and change your various coping strategies for that pain
• get new perspectives on your relationships
• understand why others behave as they do
• develop more effective communication
• learn how to prevent or resolve conflict

Our unique style of counselling offers more to our clients than forever talking about problems. We work differently, using a variety of techniques to give you self understanding, help you stop yourself from living in your past, and begin living with a difference.

Here to help

A couple of counsellors or a counselling couple?

The idea of working with two counsellors (coaches) may feel intimidating.

If you come to us as an individual, you receive the benefit of two life experiences and working with both a male and a female counsellor (coach). If you prefer to work one-on-one with either of us you're welcome to make that choice; but most of our clients find themselves at ease with the two of us after a very short time.

If you come to us as a couple – whether married or preparing to marry – you'll find working with another married couple very effective because we're able to relate with you as husbands, as wives, and as couples. No matter what the issues are, you'll never find yourself "ganged up on" because of your gender, because we're on the side of your marriage. We have over 29 years of marriage experience behind us, and you'll find that being modelled at each session.

If you come to us in larger groups such as families and business, you present unique challenges. By working in co-operation the two of us can work very well with large groups, and when required we can "break away" to work simultaneously with individuals and/or smaller groups.

Life Coaching – present through future

One of the best ways to grow is to learn in a group of people! We regularly host seminars and workshops for people wanting to explore and help themselves in new ways. Our live events:

Although we never force our beliefs on anyone – and we are happy to work with people from all backgrounds – it is vitally important that our clients understand and respect the position from which we meet them, as we will not provide any help or guidance that compromises our faith. For clarity we provide our Statement of Faith to every client, or you can read it here.

From a faithful foundation

Many of our clients find relief for:

• abuse and trauma
• addictions
• anger
• anxiety, panic and phobias
• depression
• destructive family patterns
• marriage conflict, separation and divorce
• psychosomatic conditions
• spiritual crisis