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About our Counselling / Coaching:

I’ve struggled with issues of self-love and worth what seems like most of my adult life. Going from one unhealthy relationship to another, I couldn't understand why I wasn't able to find happiness. I’d been to several counsellors and psychologists over the years but no one was able to help heal the void I felt deep inside. After my most recent relationship ended, I knew that I needed to do something different. I was convinced that I had to strengthen my faith in God. My sister suggested counselling but I was pretty adamant that it wouldn't help. Then I heard Charles & Charlene on the radio and thought, “Why not try counselling one last time, but with a God-based focus?”

I’ll never forget my first meeting with Charles and Charlene. It was clear to me, that from that day forward, my life was about to change. They’re both such wonderful, caring and compassionate individuals with great God-given talents. You walk into their home and you’re welcomed with open hearts. Not once did I ever feel like a number but rather, I've always felt more like a friend. This just goes to show that they truly care about their clients. Their counselling approaches are very unique yet incredibly effective! I would highly recommend Charles and Charlene to anyone who is in need of healing. They’ve helped me in so many ways and I am forever grateful and feel truly blessed that God put them in my path.

– D, bookkeeping

My experience with Charles and Charlene thus far has been nothing short of helpful. As a team it is obvious that they strive to make their clients feel as comfortable as possible. Upon arrival at their home office, I immediately felt welcome and safe. They have made me feel like a part of their family, each time I leave a session I feel refreshed, positive and at ease with my life circumstances. They have a way of communicating comfort even into the most devastating situations.

– T, retail sales

When I first went to see Charles and Charlene for individual counselling I expected it to be the same, someone droning on and on about what I should do, how I should feel, how I should deal and what I should say..blah blah blah. It was nothing like that. They have such a calm and friendly manner to them that as soon as I sat down I felt safe and ready to work on what needed to be done to change the things holding me back from being able to deal with life situations. They were so patient with me when the words got stuck, never did they try to force them out. A lot of professionals will keep work at work and home at home. Not Charles and Charlene, they will tell you every part of their lives and then some. I found that hearing the trials and tribulations they went through made me feel like I was a part of their lives. They hide nothing and reveal everything, which made it easier to trust them.

Charlene has a personality that sets me at ease and lets me know that it's OK to be who I am and that whatever I have to say or reveal is going to be taken in by them with the upmost respect. Charles is determined to get to the root of the problem no matter how hard it may feel or seem. He's pushed me beyond what I thought my limits were. I admit there were times where I wanted to run and hide, or even take a swing at him, but I knew that he was doing this because he knew I could change the way I felt and dealt with certain things in my life.

Being counselled by Charles and Charlene has turned my life around. I am no longer haunted by my past and all the emotional garbage I held in is long gone. I never understood the definition of "Weight off your shoulders" until I met Charles and Charlene. Not ALL my problems are gone but the ones that were holding me down are and it's a feeling that I'll always attribute to knowing Charles and Charlene. I haven't had to see them for a while because when a hard life situation comes up I just remember the things they taught me and apply it to the situation. I enjoy being with them as professionals as well on a personal level. There are times where I even try to look for an "area" in my life that I need help with just so I can see them more. Thank goodness for their workshops because I am running out of reasons. Thank you Charles and Charlene for all you have done for me.

– A, education assistant

As I was struggling with my marriage, I heard about this counselling couple who work together in their own home and that they were very good. I made an appointment to go see them and try one more time. My husband and I had tried counselling before without seeing any results or getting any better in our relationship that, at that time, was in trouble. I have to add that we spent lots of money and were counselled for three months but didn't get anything out of it.

My very first impression when I arrived at their home office was that I felt very peaceful and it was very comfortable to open up to them because of their friendly welcome. It was like I was talking with friends and not strangers and that is how I was always treated, like a friend.

How they helped me was more than I really expected, It took only one meeting with them to figure out where my marriage was going to end up. They walked with me through the whole process, from accepting, doing, grieving and healing, and at the same time they helped me step by step guiding me to make wise choices in the middle of my chaos.

God tells us in His Word to look for godly counselling. Charles and Charlene are God's followers and working as a couple they complement each other to help others with their experience as a husband, wife, parents and the presence of God in their own life.

Thank you Charles and Charlene, my present life is great, I will always thank God for giving me the opportunity to get to know you. You both are awesome!

– M, daycare

About our Live Events:

I've never heard anyone explain this topic (marriage) the way you guys have done. I enjoyed how you made the basics that every married couple should know like communication, the different levels of the tornado, and the most important: conflict and how to identify what position you are. I said this in the classroom and I still say it now: EVERY young just married couple NEEDS this 4 week course (Tightening the Knot). What is in this material is down to the very basics of being a human. The best part is you presented this all in a Christian setting. Can't get better than that. We agreed that if we had known this material in our first year of marriage, things would have turned out much different.

- T, construction

I really didn't know what to expect going in (to Tightening the Knot), but the first night you guys blew me away. So great!

– A, stay-at-home mom

Things I appreciated about Authentic Connections:
-    the warm, cozy environment
-    the open discussion
-    Q&A times
-    Your openness
-    Your spirit of meekness, servanthood, and friendship
-    The wealth of practical information and experience

– D, teacher

Charles and Charlene possess a gift that is unique, which is the ability to teach alongside one another as a team while incorporating the group as a whole. When I took Living on Purpose, I always felt comfortable and completely involved. I have recommended and will continue to recommend their services to friends.

– T, retail sales

Through the Living on Purpose workshop I learned to understand myself better and also the behaviour of others. What we are today has a lot to do with what happened in our past, but we can only satisfy our needs now and for the future. I highly recommend the workshops, which are Bible-related.

– M, daycare

I have taken Living on Purpose and other courses with Charles and Charlene and also know them personally. The word I would use to describe them best is REAL, what you see is what you get and it's awesome. When seeing them in both individual and group sessions they really listen and reflect on what each person is communicating and try their best to accommodate each persons needs and wants. Their home is very welcoming and they do their best to help you relax, Sonshine (the family dog) helps too. They work very well together and each have their own way of connecting with you, is great to also have a male and female standpoint on some things. In group courses they keep things well rounded, what I mean to say is there is teaching, whole group discussion and small group discussion and mixed in with practical interactive activities. I have learned a lot from Charles and Charlene and know I will always be learning and they're the great teachers.

– C, daycare

I have had the privilege of working with Charles and Charlene both as a conference planner and a workshop attendee. Charles and Charlene have presented a number of different workshops for the Imagine Children's Ministry conference here in Winnipeg and as a member of the planning committee, I can attest that we were very pleased with the feedback we received from the workshop attendees. Charles and Charlene were effective communicators and made the workshops interactive and enjoyable. Recently, I had them do a communication workshop at my own church and I was very pleased with their flexibility, adapting the material to fit our intergenerational group, the interactiveness of the workshop, their willingness to entertain questions and discussion and their friendliness as they stayed to chat with the attendees after the workshop. I have already put the knowledge that I learned at their workshop into practice.

– V, children’s ministry